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About Tapur Chatterji

Her amiable demeanor, graciousness and humility belie her numerous achievements. However it is undeniable that the force behind ‘Tapur Chatterji- Design & Decor’… is a name that speaks for itself in more ways than one.

Tapur Chatterji’s illustrious career as one of the super-models of India, wherein she was lauded for her grace and work ethics is an important part of her being… But an innate sense of aesthetics coupled with a degree in Commercial art & love for decorating living spaces, eventually made Interior designing her true calling. It seemed almost prophetic that very early on in her life she was bestowed with nothing less than a National Award.

Her Unique Touch.

Tapur’s expertise, self-belief, eye for detail and individualistic approach, breathe life into spaces like only she can. On the other hand, her empathic nature not only aids her in understanding exactly what her clients want, but also goads her into giving them absolute value for money and complete transparency during her dealings.

Whether it is a Wallpaper that is framed as a wall-hanging or custom made beauteous wall art, the Tapur touch is visible all the way…Her mantra is unflinching: “When I design something I am creating a part of me”. This by itself is a pledge that indeed speaks of ‘Tapur Chatterji – Design & Decor’ to the ‘T’.

Tapur Speaks

The opportunity to create a unique space and harness my creativity is the biggest lure where I am concerned. The size of the project is only incidental.

My mind starts ticking when I see a space I have to work on. Existing references seldom influence me. Because I feel real Creativity comes with a flow. Not when you are led or guided by the vision of others. In any creation, it is the thought process, which is valuable and is what distinguishes the Good from the Mediocre…On the other hand, Interior Designing is also about Intuition. It’s about understanding and creating what the clients needs as well as wants. And it is the synergy of the two that makes the project one with a happy ending.

Customer Says